7 Penalties for Rafting and Kayaking Operators in Uttarakhand

Can a kayaking and rafting operator working in Uttarakhand be penalized?

Yes, the operator can be penalized as per the Uttarakhand River Rafting / Kayaking Rule 26 (2014) for the following:

Unauthorized Operations (Rule 26-1)

Organizing kayaking and rafting trips without permits is a punishable act under the Indian Penal Code Act.

Not Adhering to Environmental Guidelines / Rules (Rule 26-2)

The guides, participants, and operators who do not adhere to the environmental guidelines / rules shall be punished under relevant rules of the Forest, Wildlife and Environment Act. The permit of the guides and operators shall be cancelled.

False Information (Rule 26-3)

Guides and operators who willfully furnish false information and / or hide facts while seeking permits shall be black listed. Their permits shall be cancelled.

Transferring Non-Transferable Permit (Rule 26-4)

Transferring kayaking and rafting permits is illegal. If guides and operators transfer the permits, they shall be black listed and their permits shall be cancelled.

Non-Display of Permit in Office (Rule 26-5)

If the permit is not displayed in the camp office and registered office, a warning is issued to the owner. If even after the warning the permit is not displayed, the permit shall be annulled.

Accidents, Malpractices…  (Rule 26-6)

The permits shall be cancelled or the services shall be suspended if

Cases of accidents, malpractices, misbehaving with tourists, etc. are proved against the guides and operators

FIRs are lodged against the guides and operators

Non-Compliance (Rule 26-7)

If the operator does not comply with the Rules 2014, the permit shall be cancelled, revoked, or suspended. The guides and operators shall be black listed. The operator also forfeit the earnest money.

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