8 Reasons to Cancel Registration of Porter

The competent authority may cancel or withdraw certificate of registration of a porter under the following circumstances: (Section 8-1, Himachal Pradesh Climbing / Trekking Porters (Regulation of Employment) Act, 1977)

1.  A certificate obtained in fraudulent manner (Section 8-1-i)

2. A certificate issued by mistake (Section 8-1-i)

3. If the certifying medical practitioner cancels or refuses to renew the certificate of fitness after completion of the registration of the porter. (Section 8-1-ii)

4. If the qualified medical practitioner finds a porter unfit to work at high altitude on receiving a reference from the competent authority under Section 10. (Section 8-1-iii)

5. If the District Magistrate from the expedition area considers appointment of the porter against the public interest (Section 8-1-iv)

6. If the competent authority finds porter guilty of any of the following: (Section 8-1-v)

  • Misconduct
  • Neglected his/her duties mentioned in the employment terms and conditions.
  • Willful / intentional default in the terms and conditions of employment

For example, use of abusive language, misbehavior, or fighting with employer or the expedition members is misconduct. When porter discharges his/her duties carelessly, it amounts to negligence. Willful default means skipping the duties intentionally.

7. If the competent authority opines that the porter is (Section 8-1-v)

  • not allowed to work for climbing / trekking expeditions
  • unfit to work for climbing / trekking expeditions

8. If the porter requested the cancellation or withdrawal. (Section 8-1-vi)


Porter Rights

The competent authority shall notify the porter (s) about the reasons for cancellation or withdrawal of the certificate of registration fifteen days before actual cancellation / withdrawal. However, this intimation is not required if the porter requests for cancellation / withdrawal. (Section 8-1)


Porters’ Responsibility (Section 8-2)

If the competent authority cancels or withdraws the porter registration as per the Section 8-1, the porter shall surrender the following documents within the fifteen days of the cancellation/withdrawal:

  • certificate of registration
  • identity card

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