9 Duties of Trek Manager Operating in Sikkim

The Sikkim Wildlife (Regulation of Trekking) Rule 3-2 lists the following responsibilities for a trek manager organizing trips to the wildlife areas in the state:

  1. Hire local trekking service providers who possess Certificate of Identification, a proof of being Sikkim subject. ♦Rule 3-2-a
  2. Hire pack animals owned by the Sikkim subjects possessing Certificate of Identification. ♦Rule 3-2-b
  3. Provide all meals for trekking service providers during their stay in the wildlife areas. ♦Rule 3-2-c
  4. Ensure that trekking service providers do not burn firewood. ♦Rule 3-2-c
  5. Get required entry permit. ♦Rule 3-2-d
  6. Pay prescribed entry fee. ♦Rule 3-2-d
  7. Register at wildlife / forest check post before entering the area. ♦Rule 3-2-e
  8. Dispose of biodegradable materials properly within the specifically earmarked sites. Bury the material. ♦Rule 3-2-f
  9. Carry adequate amount of LPG and kerosene for cooking and heating tasks. ♦Rule 3-2-g

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