Aptitude Test for Adventure Travel Escort Course

The aptitude test, a prerequisite for joining Adventure Travel Escort Course (A.T.E.C.), can be answered in either English or Hindi. The participants have to answer in given space only. They cannot ask for an additional sheet.

The test has three sections:

  1. Participant details: Name, Father’s Name, Address, State, and Pincode.
  2. Questions: Out of total short descriptive sixteen questions, eight questions assess your practical knowledge of managing adventure trips. The remaining questions test your general awareness of adventure travel and tourism segment.
  3. Exam date and participant’s name and signature

Here are questions asked in one of the aptitude tests:

General Awareness Questions

Q1. Who is the youngest Indian Everest climber?

Q2. Name the adventure activity that made Bachendri Pal famous.

Q3. Name tourism minister of your state.

Q4. What all adventure activities can be organized in your area/region/state? List six activities.

Q5. What are your hobbies? List three.

Q6. Name the Indian woman who has climbed Everest maximum number of times.

Q7. What do you understand by adventure? (Answer in three lines.)

Q8. Name all activities that fall within the ambit of land based adventure. (Answer sheet has space for ten activities.)


Practical Knowledge Questions

Q1. List four important equipment needed for trekking.

Q2. What important points should be considered while selecting a trekking route? List five points.

Q3. On an average, how many kilometers / hours should be covered daily in a nine days’ high altitude trek? (Answer in one line.)

Q4. What action will you take if someone gets fever while practicing an adventure activity at high altitude? List five actions.

Q5. What action should be taken if a tent catches fire while camping during trekking? List four actions.

Q6. What should be done in case you find a child getting trapped in a house on fire? List five actions.

Q7. What help should you render in case a person is hit by a vehicle? List four steps.

Q8. What action should be taken in a ten days’ trek when all belongings of two participants and food for entire group of twelve trekkers get washed away in a stream on the 5th day of the trek?  List five actions.

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