Provisions for Camping Permission, Protection, and Obstacle Removal in Uttarakhand River Rafting / Kayaking Rules 2014

The Uttarakhand River Rafting / Kayaking Rules 2014 enumerates the following three provisions for facilitating the implementation without exceeding the carrying capacity of the rivers.

River Camping Permission

An Uttarakhand kayaking and rafting permit holder shall seek permission from the district magistrate or department concerned for temporarily pitching camps on the revenue or forest land comprising of the river beach under the Rule 7.  (Rule 25-1) The camping permission shall be given on priority basis subject to the carrying capacity of the river concerned. (Rule 25-2)

Protection for State Government

No one shall file suit against the State Government and its representatives and the representatives of the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB) for taking various measures in good faith under the Rules 2014. (Rule 29)

Role of Government in Facilitating Implementation

The State Government can issue an order or notification to remove the obstacles (if any) in implementation of the Rules 2014. However, the notification / the order shall be consistent with the rules. The government shall not issue such order two years after these rules came into the force. The order shall be presented in the State Legislature at the earliest. (Rule 30)

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