How Can Fun Park / MAA Promoter Register in Himachal Pradesh?

So far, you have learnt four Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rules 2016. The first rule talks about the commencement and title. The following rule defines terms used in the Rules. The next two rules tell how to become a miscellaneous adventure activity operator (MAAO) in Himachal Pradesh.

The fifth rule, theme of this article, introduces you to fun park / MAA promoters. Let’s begin.


2-Stage MAA / Fun Park Promoter Registration

Stage 1

A MAA / Fun Park promoter application shall have the following information:

  • Make (country of origin), model, and type of MAA-specific equipment (Rule 5-i)
  • Bills for equipment purchase (Rule 5-i)

The equipment should satisfy standards laid down by one of the following organizations: (Rule 5-i)

  1. Bureau of Indian Standards (B.I.S),
  2. Committee of European Norms (C.E.N),
  3. Union Internationale des Association d’Alpinisme (UIAA), or
  4. International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

The promoter shall provide detailed information about the equipment, including design, durability, load carrying capacity, and repair frequency for conducting MAA safely. (Rule 5-ii)

Stage 2

On receipt of permission, the promoter may install the equipment/ride. (Rule 5-ii)

The Technical Committee shall inspect the equipment/ride installed and furnish final inspection report. (Rule 5-ii)

The fun parks cannot operate without final approval of the Technical Committee.  (Rule 5-ii)


Responsibilities and Rights of Technical Committee (Rule 5-iii)

  • The Committee shall inspect the equipment every quarter.
  • The Committee shall temporarily stop the MAA if lacuna in the safety standards is observed during the inspection.
  • The Committee may recommend to shut the park down permanently if the equipment does not meet prescribed safety standards.

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