Who Cannot Be Employed As Climbing / Trekking Porter in Himachal Pradesh?

According to the Section 3 of the Himachal Pradesh Climbing / Trekking Porters (Regulation of Employment) Act, 1977, a porter cannot be employed as a climbing / trekking porter in Himachal Pradesh if s/he has

  • Not registered with the Mountaineering Institute Manali. (Section 3-1)
  • Not have an employment fitness certificate signed by the competent authority. (Section 3-1)

Responsibilities of Climbing / Trekking Expeditions to Himachal Pradesh (Section 3-2)

All climbing / trekking expeditions to Himachal Pradesh shall

  • Intimate the competent authority about the expedition.
  • Inform the competent authority about the number of porters required.

Role of Competent Authority (Section 3-2)

The authority shall suggest names of the qualified porters from the institute’s Register of Porters.

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