Classification of Trekking Officer / Guide Posts in Sikkim

Many of us dream of a government adventure tourism job with fixed salary, perks, and loads of certainty. Is it not?

But these jobs are limited and most of the time these are earmarked for locals. For instance, Sikkim used to appoint trekking guides and officers. In 2010, Sikkim classified posts of trekking guides and officers under the State Department of Tourism into the following four grades:

  1. Trekking Guide – Grade I
  2. Trekking Guide – Grade II
  3. Trekking Officer / Guide – Selection Grade I
  4. Trekking Officer / Guide – Selection Grade II

The government listed eligibility criteria and fixed pay scales and grade pays for the above positions in 2010. Let’s us have a look at these.

Who is eligible for Trekking Guide – Grade II post?

The aspirant shall have the following qualifications:

  • Senior Secondary Examination Certificate or equivalent education from the recognized board
  • Diploma or degree in Travel and Tourism Management from an established institute

Who is eligible for Trekking Guide – Grade I post?

The candidate shall have

  • 8 years’ regular experience of serving as Trekking Guide – Grade II

Who is eligible for Trekking Officer / Guide – Selection Grade II post?

The trekking guides who have served as Trekking Guide – Grade I for uninterrupted eight years may become Trekking Officer / Guide – Selection Grade II.


Salary for the Position of Trekking Officer / Guide

Who is eligible for Trekking Officer / Guide – Selection Grade I post?

Trekking Officer / Guide – Selection Grade II who has served regularly for eight years may be considered for the Selection Grade I.


3-Member Committee

For climbing this professional ladder for trekking guides, recommendations of the 3-member committee are required.

The trekking guide promotion committee consists of Additional / Joint secretaries of the following departments:

  • Department of Tourism
  • Department of Personnel, Administrative Reforms and Training
  • Finance, Revenue, and Expenditure Department


How does the committee select candidates for promotion?

The Committee shall

  • Appraise ACRs of the last three years
  • Appraise service records of the last three years
  • Consider total service period

Other Norms

  • The qualifying service shall exclude extra-ordinary leave taken without pay.
  • The classification of trekking guide post shall be in accordance with the Rule 14 of the Sikkim Government Service (Revised Pay) Rules, 2009 and not determined by the grade and pay scale. This rule categorizes posts based on grade pay.


Abolition of Posts of Trekking Officer / Guide

Unfortunately, the government proposed to abolish the post of the guide/officer on his/her retirement or on death in service.  These officers look after various adventure activities.



The Government has made travel and tourism education mandatory for these posts. It is good for travel tourism students. However, it is very disappointing that none of these specialized jobs requires certification or specialized education in trekking tourism or adventure tourism. The government also wants to abolish the posts.


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