What is Commercial Paragliding Fee in Uttarakhand?

The Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero sport Rule 7, 2017 talks about the commercial paragliding fee structure. Here are key points:

  • Chief Executive Officer of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (U.T.D.B.) with the approval of the State Government shall amend the fee as and when required.
  • Fee structure shall be defined as and when new paragliding sites are identified.
  • The fee may vary from one flying site to another site.
  • The Annexure C lists annual fee for local paragliding sites, including Naukuchiyatal / Nainital. The fee consists of two components:
    1. environmental fee and
    2. paraglider fee.
  • Environmental fee is paid to the forest department. The fee for Nainital site is 300% more than that of the other sites.
  • Paraglider fee is three times of the environmental fee in case of Naukuchiyatal / Nainital sites, whereas it is four times of the environmental fee for other sites.

Commercial Paragliding Fee for Uttarakhand Operations


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