Which Documents Do You Need to Apply for Commercial Kayaking, Rafting Permit to Operate in Uttarakhand?

You want to expand your kayaking and rafting operations in Uttarakhand. Or you just want to start the operations in the state.

Then you need a permit from the state tourism board.

Why do you need a permit?

I know none of us like permits. But we need them to regulate the adventure activities because the activities have acquired commercial proportions. Conservation and preservation of the limited natural assets (rivers) and minimizing accidents are needs of the hour.

20 Documents

You will need the following documents and information before filling and submitting the application form mentioned in the Rule 5 (Annexure A) of the Uttarakhand River Rafting / Kayaking Rules 2014:

  1. Obtain the application form from the office of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board’s Chief Executive Officer in Dehradun. (Rule 5-2)
  2. Two (2) color passport size photographs
  3. Make copies of your kayaking and rafting experience certificates issued by a government department or recognized institution or organization. You shall at least have three (3) years’ experience to apply. (Rule 5-6)
  4. A power of attorney if a company, a firm, or an organization is seeking the permit. (Rule 5-3)
  5. Copy of partnership deed in case of a company, a firm, or an organization
  6. Copy of a registration certificate issued under the Companies Act, Firm and Society Registration Act, Service Tax Act, or Shop and Establishment Act
  7. Complete bio data of technical staff
  8. Resumes and photographs of both skilled and unskilled staff
  9. Details of participation of local community in the project
  10. Details of forest or revenue land required for camping in case of new permit
  11. Kayaking, rafting, and safety equipment list
  12. A proof of purchasing the equipment
  13. A copy of kayaking or rafting training log book
  14. Kayaking or rafting rate card for short, half day, and full day packages / trips
  15. A non-transferable demand draft of INR 1,000 in favor of the Chief Executive Officer, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB), Dehradun. Read complete instructions on the form. (Rule 5-1)
  16. Alternatively, keep cash ready. (Rule 5-1)
  17. Details of kayaking or rafting fee that is non-refundable  (Rule 5-1)
  18. Monthly tourist statistics for the previous year
  19. A copy of insurance policy
  20. Details of rivers wherein you want to operate trips


  • Fill in the prescribed short and simple form included in the Annexure A of the Rules 2014. (Rule 5-1)
  • Make two copies of the duly filled in form. (Rule 5-1)
  • Submit the application with all documents mentioned above in the month of April. (Rule 5-1)


What If

If you submit applications in the months other than April, applications are not entertained. (Rule 5-5)

If you submit an incomplete application, it is not reviewed. (Rule 5-1)



Await scrutiny of the application and appraisal by the Technical Committee. (Rule 5-2)

The board will inform about the application status in detail within 45 days. (Rule 5-4)


If you have met all the prerequisites, you may overcome the first hurdle (get the kayaking and rafting permit) within the stipulated period.


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