Which 8 environment safety standards shall kayaking and rafting operators working in Uttarakhand comply with?

Since Uttarakhand lies in fragile lap of the Himalayas, the Rule 24 of the Uttarakhand River Rafting / Kayaking Rules 2014 defines the following environment safety standards:

  1. Conserve wild life and entire eco-system (Rule 24-a).
  2. Dispose garbage in designated places or pits (Rule 24-b).
  3. Do not dispose garbage in the rivers (Rule 24-b).
  4. Do not consume plastic and polythene (Rule 24-c).
  5. Dump empty cans, bottles, and other non-degradable substances in municipality waste bins and use an appropriate disposal method (Rule 24-d).
  6. Do not use detergent (soap) in rivers, springs, and streams (Rule 24-e).
  7. Do not play electronic entertainment gadgets, including radios and tape recorders, at high volume (Rule 24-f).
  8. Do not collect cuttings, roots, and seeds of plants and trees. These collections are illegal (Rule 24-g).

All kayaking and rafting operators shall comply with all these standards.

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