How to Fill Application Form to Obtain / Renew Commercial Foot Launch Aero Sports Permit for Uttarakhand (Part I)

I have discussed the application process mentioned in the Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero Sport Rule 4, 2017 in How to Get Commercial Paragliding Permit for Uttarakhand. The first step is to fill the form given in the Annexure A.

Today you will learn what all you need to fill the form. You will need the following documents to fill the 2-part application form:

Information and Documents Required for Part – I

Personal Details

  • Name of the applicant (s)
  • Color passport size photograph of the applicant

Biz Details

Name of company, firm, or organization

Complete address of the company, firm, or organization:

  • Physical address
  • Email
  • Contact number: mobile, landline, fax numbers

Director (s) / Partner (s) information

A copy of partnership deed

A copy of registration certificate obtained under the following acts and rules:

  • Shop and Establishment Act. / Firm and Society Act / Companies Act /Service Tax Act
  • Uttarakhnad Tourism and Travel Trade Registration Rules etc.

Skilled and Unskilled Staff Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Work Experience
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Photographs
  • A copy of bio data of technical staff
  • And the like

Employment for Local Community

  • Complete list of people employed from the local community
  • Percentage of the local staff in total staff

Name of the area where you will organize aero foot launch sports

Equipment Information

  • A list of paragliders with complete details
  • A list of safety equipment
  • A proof of buying the equipment, including harness, paragliders, et cetera

Tandem Pilots

  • List of trainings they have attended and how did they perform in the trainings
  • Digital logbook or a copy of traditional physical logbook

Tandem joy ride package tariff

Quote tariff for the following packages:

  • 10-minute
  • 20-minute
  • 60-minute

A copy of the tariff card is required for renewing the license. However, it is not required for fresh applications.

Details of non-refundable aero sports fees

If renewing the permit, provide the following information:

  • Existing permit number
  • Date of issuing the permit
  • Monthly tourist statistics for the last year, including Indian tourists, foreign tourists, and total number of tourists

Insurance Information

A copy of pilots’ insurance certificate that features date of issuance and validity


  • You will sign an undertaking and declare that
  • You understand the Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero Sport Rules.
  • You will abide by the rules.
  • You will furnish required information to the district magistrate as mentioned in the rules.
  • In case of dispute (s), the decision of the Chief Executive Officer of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB) shall be binding and final.
  • You will be responsible for activities of the foreign pilots and other employees of your registered company, firm, or organization.
  • An authorized officer may inspect the equipment used for camping or flying during the surprise inspection. The inspection may take place at the camp office or in UTDB office. You will fully co-operate with inspection team.
  • If you provide fraudulent or wrong information in the application, your application will be rejected.

Check next post for the second part of the application form.

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