How to Fill HP Miscellaneous Adventure Operator Registration Form

You have already learned about 3-stage application process in the article, Registration of Miscellaneous Adventure Activity Operator. The first stage requires duly filled in Form-1 appended to the Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rules, 2016.

Today, you will learn about information you need to fill the miscellaneous adventure operator registration form addressed to the Deputy Director (Prescribed Authority), Tourism & Civil Aviation Department, Himachal Pradesh.

Collect the following information before starting to fill the form:

Business Information:

  1. Tourist area in Himachal Pradesh where you will conduct the activities
  2. Select adventure activity (s) from the miscellaneous adventure activities listed in the Rule 2-1-f.
  3. Complete details of the activity-specific gear
  4. Original bills of the gear
  5. A copy of gear fitness report issued by the Assistant Engineer working in the selected tourist area, Himachal Pradesh Public Works Department (P.W.D.) – Mechanical
  6. A certificate indicating at least two years’ experience in the activity (s) selected
  7. Details of self employment if any
  8. An affidavit confirming that you are not disqualified under Section 29-b and -c of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development and Registration Act, 2002

Personal Information:

  1. Name (s)
  2. Date (s) of Birth
  3. Complete permanent address
  4. Correspondence address if different than the permanent address

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