Follow BMS to win adventure travelers’ heart

If you are an adventure tour operator or wish to start an adventure travel agency inIndia, you should be aware of Basic Minimum Standards (BMS) defined by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The BMS states that services of highly qualified staff and appropriate equipment should be used for all adventure activities, ensuring safety of travelers. The BMS covers air-, land-, water-based adventure activities. For instance, the government guidelines specified the following BMS for trekking trips:

  • Experienced trekking guides should accompany the travelers.
  • Trekking trip leader must have passed Basic Mountaineering Course with grade “A” and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid course.
  • The agency should prepare for medical emergency and evacuation, and search and rescue operations in advance.
  • Accurate information about the route and guides should be provided to the travelers.

Follow the BMS in letter and spirit to win heart of your customers that buy adventure travel packages. This will definitely boost your sales, thereby increasing revenue.

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