How to Get Commercial Paragliding Permit for Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero sport Rule 4, 2017

To obtain a commercial paragliding permit for operating in Uttarakhand, follow these steps mentioned in the Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero sport Rules, 2017:

  • Fill the application form included in the Annexure A. (Rule 4.1)
  • Get a non-transferable demand draft of ₹ 1,000 in favor of district tourism development officer (D.T.D.O) of the district where paragliding operations will take place. (Rule 4.1)
  • Or arrange the cash for the registration fee mentioned in the previous step. (Rule 4.1)
  • Submit the form and the registration fee to the D.T.D.O. (Rule 4.1)
  • Submit the form between April 1 and June 30. (Rule 4.1)

What will happen after you have submitted the application?

Application Processing (Rule 4.2)

  • The D.T.D.O. of the chosen district shall appraise the received applications. The officer shall appraise only complete application forms.
  • The officer shall submit appraised applications to the Technical Committee.
  • The committee shall decide date, time, and venue for (1) inspection of the equipment and documents; and (2) practical test of the guides. The inspection and test shall be completed before August 16 every year.
  • If the committee approves the application and recommends, the applicant will get the operator permit.

Who shall issue the commercial paragliding permit?

On the committee’s recommendation, district magistrate of the district  concerned shall issue the permit. (Rule 4.3)

What is commercial paragliding?

Commercial paragliding means tandem paragliding. (Rule 4.4)

The committee decides the number of tandem paragliders an operator can fly considering the carrying capacity of the selected paragliding site. However, the tandem paragliders shall range from 2 to 10. (Rule 4.6)

What is the validity of the commercial paragliding permit in Uttarakhand?

The operator permit is initially valid for five years from the date of issue. (Rule 4.5)

The operator permit is valid for one selected site. That means a separate permit is required for each site where operator is already working or wishing to work. (Rule 4.7)

How many permits are issued?

If eligible applicants are more than the carrying capacity of the selected site, an auction or a lottery system shall be followed to select the applicants for permits. (Rule 4.8)


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