Himachal Pradesh Home Stay Registration Provisions

The Himachal Pradesh Home Stay Scheme 2008 includes a number of provisions for registering a homestay in the State. The provisions are divided here in three groups:

The D.T.D.O. issues a home stay registration certificate and tariff card after verifying that the unit meets the prescribed standards.

Process of Home Stay Registration (Clauses 6 and 9)

Any owner of a private house situated in the rural areas or proprietor shall use application form provided in Annexure I. (Clause 6)

The Annexure II provides detailed instructions for registering home stays in Himachal Pradesh. (Clause 9)

The owner shall submit duly filled in form to the District Tourism Development Officer (D.T.D.O.) of the Department Tourism managing the area where the proposed home stay unit is located. (Clause 6)

D.T.D.O. shall constitute a committee that will approve the home stay units. The committee shall consists of the following members: (Clause 6)

  • Area-specific D.T.D.O. or any other officer representing the Himachal Pradesh Department of Tourism
  • Concerned Area Manager representing HPTDC
  • A leading tour operator, travel agent, or hotelier or any other officer representing the area

The committee shall inspect the proposed units and submit the report describing registration readiness of the unit to the D.T.D.O. for approval. The committee shall also review the proposed tariff for the units and approve it. (Clause 6)

The HP Tourism Department and H.P.T.D.C. provide booking and marketing support for the registered home stay units.

The D.T.D.O. shall verify the following aspects of the unit before registration: (Clause 6)

  • Architectural design
  • Cleanliness
  • Facilities
  • Hygiene
  • Location
  • Security
  • Surrounding environment
  • Tourist safety measures

Then the DTDO shall issue a registration certificate and tariff card. (Clause 9)


Training, Booking, and Marketing Help for Home Stay Owners (Clauses 6 and 10)

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (H.P.T.D.C.) shall train the staff and owners of the home stay units located near its hotels. The concerned D.T.D.Os shall facilitate this collaboration between H.P.T.D.C. and home stay units. (Clause 6)

The Department of Tourism shall promote the homestay units in the following manner:

  • Print details of approved home stay units in a brochure. (Clause 6)
  • Publicize the units on the website of the department. (Clause 6)
  • List the registered home stays on its web site free of cost if the owner requests formally. (Clause 10)
  • Publish print advertisements about home stays. (Clause 6)

H.P.T.D.C. shall list the home stay units in its online room booking system. For this service, the corporation may ask for a pre-fixed commission from the owner. (Clause 10)


Eligibility for, Renewal and Cancellation of Home Stay Registration (Clauses 6 and 9)

The scheme extends to all rural areas in the State. (Clause 6)

Only countryside houses in the rural areas are eligible for the exemptions/incentives prescribed in the scheme. (Clause 6)

Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) Tourism Development and Registration Act, 2002 is not applicable to the home stay registration. (Clause 9)

The registration is valid for five years. Thereafter, it requires renewal. (Clause 9)

The owner who wishes to cancel the registration shall write and application on plain paper and submit to the concerned D.T.D.O. (Clause 9)

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