Himachal Pradesh Home Stay, Scheme 2008: An Overview


Himachal Pradesh released rural homestay scheme in July 2008 for five years.

The scheme is based on Incredible India Bed and Breakfast scheme of Ministry of Tourism.

The scheme has been extended for five more years until July 2018 to promote rural tourism.

Provide comfortable accommodation in local houses for both foreign and domestic tourists

Increase stay options in tourist circuits and rural destinations.

Provide standardized facilities

Give an opportunity to tourists to experience Himachali lifestyle

Expand reach of the various tourism stakeholders.

Promote ecologically sustainable tourism in interior and rural areas.

Decongest oversaturated urban tourist destinations.

Create extra income sources for residents of the interior and rural areas.

Clause 1: 4 Reasons to Start the Scheme

Clause 2: 4 Objectives of the scheme

Clause 3: Scheme title and commencement

Clause 4: Defines 3 keywords, homestay, rural areas, and accommodation

Clauses 5 and 7: Exemptions, incentives for home stay owners

Clauses 6 and 9: Home stay registration

Clause 8: Responsibilities of home stay owners

Clauses 6 and 10: Booking and marketing of home stay units

Annexure I: Home stay registration application form

Annexure II: List of documents required for registration and a checklist


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Updated on September 16, 2020

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