Himachal Safety Standards for Bungee Jumping

In the previous lesson, you learnt about river crossing techniques and safety guidelines recommended by Himachal Pradesh.  Now, you will learn various bungee jumping provisions discussed in the Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rule 12-iii, 2016.

What is bungee?

Bungee is a rubber cord that is stretchable. One end of the bungee is attached to the feet of the jumper and the other end is attached to the jump site.

Every bungee jumping operator working in Himachal Pradesh shall have the following gear:

  1. Each part of the jump line should be in duplicate.
    For example, (1) connections between bungee and jumper, (2) link between bungee and anchor structure and (3) usually ankle straps and seat / body harness of the jumper are attached to the bungee.
  2. B&UK harness
  3. Suitable, well-constructed carabiners with screw gates
  4. Mountaineering equipment manufactured by well-known suppliers
  5. At least a pair of braided ropes matching the jumper’s weight shall be used. The braided ropes shall satisfy the BS 3F 70 1991 guidelines applicable to heavy duty braided rubber cord or any other relevant standards.
  6. An unbraided rope. Each such rope consists of about 1,000 separate strands that are woven together. Generally one unbraided rope is sufficient due to its natural redundancy. Each unbraided rope shall have examiners’ certificate issued by an independent source. While selecting the rope, the organizer shall also consider the jumper’s weight.

Carabiners are metal links.

Rope Log Books

The organizers shall maintain rope log books. They shall record the following information in the books:

  • Maximum load
  • Training schedule and its impact on the performance of the persons being trained

Duties of the Overall In-Charge

  • Full control of the bungee jumping site
  • Ensure that spectators do not crowd the jump zone or stand within the zone for their safety and minimizing distractions for the jumper and the operator
  • Discourage riding by spectators, especially who are younger than 13 years
  • Ensure that the organizer conducts a dead weight drop test of the jump line before the first jumping of the day for safety.
  • The overall in-charge shall be anchored to the site properly.

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