How to Become Certified Alpine Mountaineering Leader and Update Skills

Climbathon: An Opportunity to Update Alpine Mountaineering Skills


Do you want to become a certified alpine mountaineering leader?

Or, are you already practicing alpine mountaineering but want to update your skills?

I can hear some ayes.

Apply for Climbathon.

What is Climbathon?

Climbathon teaches how to lead mountaineering teams and how to reduce dependence on guides and Sherpas.

So, it is for hardcore mountaineers.

Climbathon is a training program for climbers who have completed advance mountaineering course (AMC) with grade A and are regularly practicing mountaineering.

And, Indian Mountaineering Foundation, the big boss of climbing in India, has been organizing the course at Bara Shigri Glacier area, Lahaul Spiti in Himachal Pradesh since 2013.

Why join the course and get a certificate?

It will give you a chance to

  • update your mountaineering skills,
  • meet fellow mountaineers, and
  • boost confidence to apply for mountaineering jobs.

Who will be your course buddies and instructors?

Your buddies will be practicing mountaineers from India and abroad. Both men and women can join the course.

You will share mountaineering knowledge, practice, and learn under watchful eyes of experienced instructors from India and abroad.

You will practice the following skills:

  1. Alpine mountaineering
  2. Assessing and managing hazards
  3. Ice climbing
  4. Rock climbing
  5. Route finding
  6. Self-rescue techniques
  7. Snow climbing
  8. Team leadership
  9. More…

You will practice and master all these skills in a natural classroom that is connected to the amphitheater of more than twenty peaks that are as tall as 6,000 meters.

What is the duration?

24 days

How can I join the course?

You should be able to run for ten (10) kilometers without any break.

Sounds tough?

As I said before, this is for hardcore mountaineers.

You should be able to walk with a backpack weighing twenty (20) kilograms for eight (8) hours on a trail with a gradient of 300-600 meters.

3-Stage Application Process

Stage 1: Submit a duly filled in application form.

Stage 2: Submit (1) mountaineering log book and (2) medical fitness certificate.

Stage 3: If you get through first and second stages, you have to attend a telephonic interview.

How much does it cost?

Registration fee (As of 2015) =

  • INR 5,000 per Indian participant
  • US$ 500 per foreign participant

Remember! The fee does not include personal mountaineering gear.

You have to bring your own gear.


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