How to Start and Manage Adventure Tourism Company

“A Guide to Starting and Operating an Adventure Tourism Business in Nova Scotia.”2005. The Economic Planning Group of Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

This comprehensive manual covers all aspects of an adventure tourism business with focus onNova Scotia,Canada.  But perusal of the manual will be useful for any entrepreneur wishing to venture into the adventure tourism sector, as general principles of the business are discussed. For instance, the manual defines an adventure experience, which is divided into three categories: Soft Adventure, Hard Adventure and Ecotourism.

All essential elements of an adventure experience / travel package are also listed. An excellent adventure experience ensures uniqueness, quality outdoor adventures, good equipment, quality food, friendly well-trained guides and small groups, to name but a few. Characteristics of adventure travelers are discussed. It has many worksheets to plan the business systematically. The region specific regulations and laws related to the business are mentioned within the manual. Information about Nova Scotia adventure tourism market is also incorporated into the document.

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