Indian norms for water-based adventure tourism

Indian norms for water-based adventure tourism

If you are a water sports operator or water-based adventure travel company, implement safety norms laid down by the National Institute of Watersports (NIWS), Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Government of India to avoid legal and other problems. The institute defines the minimum safety standards for water-based adventure tourism. The standards cover water sports management, qualifications of the operators and  related infrastructure equipment and accessories. The norms have four sections focusing on different water activities and related safety issues. For instance, Section3: covers river rafting. As per the section, “The River Guide must hold valid certification of competency from NIWS or a national governing body recognized by the MOT.” Go through the safety guidelines carefully and download a copy of the water-based adventure tourism norms for a quick reference.

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  1. There is lot more to be done as far as the water based adventure tourism in India is considered.There are uncountable opportunities in hilly as well as plain regions.Different approach is to be followed for the perennial and seasonal water bodies but safety of the guests and the hosts is above all.

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