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Sep-Oct 2016


Minimum size of the notice board: 3*4 feet

The Rule 14 expects home stay owners to display the necessary information in the registered unit and maintain various business documents. Here are the provisions described in the Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rules, 2013:

Type of Information (Rule 14-1)

Display the following information in an easily visible place, for example at the reception or entrance:

  1. Name of Home stay (Rule 14-1a)
  2. Home Stay Registration Number as per the Sikkim Registration of Tourist Trade Act, 1998 (Rule 14-1b)
  3. Certificate of Capacity Building Training or Hotel Management (Rule 14-1c)
  4. Total Number of Rooms Available within the Home Stay Unit: (Rule 14-1d)
Maintain business documents in the formats approved by the prescribed authority.
  • Number of Single Rooms (Rule 14-1d-i)
  • Number of Double Rooms (Rule 14-1d-ii)
  • Number of 4-bed Rooms (Family Suites / A unit of more than one room) (Rule 14-1d-iii)
  • Number of Occupied Rooms (Rule 14-1d-iv)
  • Number of Reserved Rooms (Rule 14-1d-v)
  • Number of Available Rooms (Rule 14-1d-vi)
  • Room-wise Approved Tariff (The tariff is approved by the prescribed authority.) (Rule 14-1d-vii)
  • Check Out Time: 12:00 Noon (Rule 14-1d-viii)

Food Information on Separate Notice Board

  • Price of Eatables (Rule 14-2)
  • Menu (Rule 14-2)
  • Dining / Kitchen Timing (Rule 14-3)

Size of the Notice Board

The information shall be placed on a painted notice board that is at least 3*4 feet.

Business Documents for Home Stay Services in Sikkim

Display Room Status:
Number of Occupied Rooms
Number of Vacant Rooms

Maintain the following business documents in the formats defined and approved by the prescribed authority:

  • A suggestion and complaint book that shall be placed in living room, lobby, or reception (Rule 14-4a)
  • A visitor record register as per the formats given at the time of registration (Rule 14-4b)
  • A numbered bill book in duplicate. The book shall also be produced at the time of registration. Each owner shall issue proper bills.  The owner shall display a notice stating that the visitors shall insist on bills and receipts. (Rule 14-4c)
  • A numbered receipt book in duplicate for all advances and payments. (Rule 14-4d)

The owner has to show these documents if the prescribed authority demands or requests. (Rule 14-4)

Guest Feedback

A feedback form in the format approved by the Sikkim Tourism Department. Display this form in the home stay with other information. (Rule 14-5)

Guest Code of Conduct

Display code of conduct for the visitors in easily visible place in the home stay. (Rule 14-6)

Record of Guest Details

Do not allow the visitors to enter the home stay rooms until the visitors enter their details in the visitor record register. (Rule 14-7)


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