What are minimum contents of kayaking and rafting operators’ first aid box?

Learning rules is not easy because none of us like rules.

Do you know that rules in fact give us freedom, one of the most cherished dreams?


For example, if you feel safe, you can play more freely in water and enjoy rafting. If you have easy access to basic medical treatment (first aid) in case of accidents, you have high survival chances.

The Uttarakhand River Rafting / Kayaking Rules 2014 suggests equipment and defines guidelines to ensure that kayakers and rafters feel safe. For instance, the Rule 17 specifies the contents of a mandatory first aid box to be placed in every raft. The rule instructs kayaking and rafting operators to even include life-saving drugs in the box.

Let’s look at the complete contents of the box mentioned in the Rule 12:

  • 1-foot long wooden scale for cast
  • Artificial Manual Breathing Unit (AMBU) bag is generally used to help patients in breathing.
  • Bandages
  • Cotton
  • Drainers
  • Essential medicines, including anti-emetic (-vomiting) and anti-allergic
  • First aid tape
  • Gauge
  • Inhaler
  • Oxygen cylinder with mask
  • Pain killer ointment
  • Safety pins of varied sizes to hold bandages
  • Savlon
  • Scissors
  • Sterile pads

Having a complete first-aid box is also good for the operators because they can also meet accidents.

Plus, it will help them in winning more clients regularly.

But both operators and clients should learn to use the box.

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