Do You Know Meanings of Logo and Tagline of Uttarakhand Tourism

Logo and Tagline of Uttarakhand Tourism

Logo and Tagline of Uttarakhand Tourism

Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB) craving for a new identity launched Uttarakhand Tourism Logo Designing Contest on the first day of August this year. The contest closed on August 21, 2017. The winning entry will get a cash prize of ₹ 150,000. I have not seen the new logo yet.

But this is the time to know the existing logo and the tagline, so that you can compare it with the new one when it is released. And decide which one is better.

Uttarakhand Tourism Logo

The logo consists of one letter, U. The free flowing form of the letter is inspired by its Devanagari and Roman versions. The form represents two feelings: (1) excitement and (2) vibrancy.

The free rising forms in the logo represent the Himalayan peaks dotting the State.

The 1-letter logo has three colors:

  1. Blue represents snow-covered mountains and water.
  2. Green symbolizes fauna (wildlife).
  3. Saffron emphasizes religious importance and value of the State.

3-Word Tagline of Uttarakhand Tourism

The short tagline has just three words: (1) Uttarakhand, (2) Simply, and (3) Heaven.

Uttarakhand, Simply Heaven!


  1. Yes Pulkit,

    You are right about being Uttarakhand abode of gods.


  2. Truely the Abode of Gods, Uttarakhand has now become my favorite tourist state as a frequent traveler. Breathtaking hills, mountains, blessings of endless temple darshans and; what more!!

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