Provisions for Monitoring, Evaluating, Improving, Upgrading Home Stay Services in Sikkim

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Sep-Oct 2016


The Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rules, 2013 lays down various provisions to evaluate and enhance home stay services in the State. The provisions are discussed in three rules: 13, 18, and 19.

Continuous Process of Monitoring and Evaluating Home Stays (Rule 13)

The Rule 13 lays down provisions for monitoring and evaluating the home stay units regularly.  The provisions are:

Form an independent panel to monitor and evaluate home stays in Sikkim. The panel will ensure that home stay units follow the prescribed minimum home stay service standards.  (Rule 13-1)

The tourism department shall create a monitoring and certifying committee that will form the panel. The Monitoring and Evaluation panel shall have representatives from eco-tourism, tourism, and other related fields. (Rule 13-1)

The panel will review service quality and feedback and grade the home stay units. (Rule 13-2)

The panel will suggest methods for creating profile of the home stay owners and improving the quality of the unit. (Rule 13-2)

Upgradation of Sikkim Home Stay (Rule 18)

5-year old home stays may be upgraded as village guest houses provided these units fall outside the purview of hotels.

A registered home stay that remains in business for at least five years may be considered for upgradation. It should be registered with Tourism and Civil Aviation Department. If it falls outside the purview of hotels, it will be upgraded as village guest house. A separate set of rules may be defined for these guest houses. (Rule 18).


Investor Support Cell for Home Stay (Rule 19)

An Investor Support Cell (ISC) for developing quality home stay business in Sikkim

The Rule 19 proposes an investor support cell (ISC) for various reasons:

  • Provide assistance to the registered home stays.
  • Monitor the registered home stays.
  • Provide professional guidance for entrepreneurship, management, and marketing.
  • Technical guidance for ongoing improvement in units.
  • Help for capacity building.

This will facilitate appropriate functioning of home stay units. The cell will be part of the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

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