Mountaineering Professionals Learn New Skills, Enhance Job Prospects

Indian mountaineering professionals have another opportunity to acquire new skills and increase their job prospects.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation (I.M.F) is organizing a 4-day Liaison Officer Course, starting from March 16, 2019.

Here are FAQs about the course:


Where is the course Venue?

I.M.F. Campus, New Delhi


How can I apply for the course?

You can apply in the following ways:

  • Complete online application that requires registration and profile creation.
  • Sign up on and download the form. Send duly filled-in physical form via email (Scan the form) and traditional mail to the foundation.


How many seats are available?

Up to 25


Who can join the course?

Graduate Indians with following qualifications:


What are other qualifications?

Extra qualifications always help. For example, fluency in foreign language may add punch to your application.


What are other prerequisites?

The students sign an undertaking that serving as a liaison officer will be their top priority.


Where will students stay during the course?

Non-local students may stay in the dormitory within the campus.


What is the course fee?

₹2,100 per student


How can I pay the fee?

Read the course document carefully after signing up to understand payment process. If your application is approved, you will be informed about the payment process.

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  1. How are the 25 students selected is there any exam for that

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