A Note to Readers: Himalayan Camping Cooperatives

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine

Sep-Oct 2016


Our September-October issue of adventure travel blog magazine looks at environment and local community friendly stay options for adventure tourists visiting the Himalayas. The magazine explores two sides of non-traditional options, including camping and homestays.

When the tourist number explodes and reaches from a few to several thousands, regulatory framework becomes a necessity. In light of this fact, Indian Himalayan states have laid down rules to regulate the homestays. The issue starts with a dedicated section listing the rules from Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Sikkim.

The second section is loaded with observations, analysis, and practical suggestions for finding a sleep alternative that meets needs of all the concerned stakeholders. The cover story is weaved around our idea of Himalayan camping cooperatives that may solve some of the grave problems plaguing the adventure tourism.

A surge in the number of the tourists has increased litter and waste disposal problems. Catholes holding biodegradable human excreta are a short term curse. Non-biodegradable waste materials are a bigger threat to the adventure destinations in the Himalayas because these materials never decompose on their own. Non-biodegradable waste requires regular recycling or complete prohibition. Both the solutions are difficult to implement. But we can minimize the use of these materials by

  • Offering green alternatives
  • Sharing and reusing non-biodegradable goods like water bottles, camping gear… Camping cooperatives are based on the principles of sharing and reusing a number of things.
  • Relearning old practices: Do not use toilet papers that never decompose or take very long to disintegrate naturally. Compost your pee and poo properly and use it as manure.
  • Not dumping electronic junk in the mountains.
  • Practicing minimalism i.e. consume less and create less waste.


These are a few suggestions. Read the whole issue for more intelligence and give your feedback.


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