What are eligibility criteria for safety kayakers, senior & trainee river guides wishing to work in Uttarakhand?

The Uttarakhand River Rafting / Kayaking Rules 2014 elaborate on qualifications for safety kayakers and senior & trainee river guides. The rules also lay down provisions for their identity cards.

Qualifications for Safety Kayaker and River Guides

Be in good health (Rule 19-1-a).

The guide shall be of 18-50 years old. S/he shall produce the age certificate on demand. Or the guide can also be selected purely on the basis of fitness level (Rule 19-1-b).

Able to converse, read, and write in English / Hindi. Education qualification certificates are required (Rule 19-1-c).

Able swimmer (19-1-d)

Have a first aid certification (FAC) from a recognized organization such as St. Johns Ambulance Society of India or Red Cross Society of India (Rule 19-1-e).

Proficiency in kayaking and rafting techniques (Rule 19-2-a)

Thorough knowledge of safety standards (Rule 19-2-b)

Proficiency in techniques of emergency rescue (Rule 19-2-b)

Ability to plan a trip (Rule 19-2-c)

Communication skills (Rule 19-2-c)

Able to use safety and rescue equipment (Rule 19-2-d)

Complete knowledge of river signals and river rapid principles (Rule 19-2-e)

Understanding of methods used to construct and repair rafts (Rule 19-2-f)

Qualifications for Trainee and Senior Guides

Trainee Guides
Senior Guides

Trainee kayakers and river guides must produce kayaking and rafting experience log books signed by senior river guides. Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB) shall decide log book format and countersign it (Rule 19-3).
Complete knowledge of first aid, rafting signals, river reading, safety and rescue operations, trip planning, and white water techniques (Rule 22-1)

3 seasons or years’ experience of rafting in a specific river (Rule 19-3-a)

>10 years’ experience as a river guide (Rule 22-1)

Experience of conducting at least 100 trips in high standard rapids on the river (Rule 19-3-a)
Experience of at least 50 kayaking or rafting expeditions on high volume rapids (Rule 22-2)

Successfully at least covered 2,000 kilometers of the river during training (Rule 19-3-b)
No cases registered against him for an accident, a complaint, and / or an offence (Rule 22-3)

If the guide changes the employer, the existing photo identity card becomes null and void. (Rule 19-4)

Identity Card for Guides

What is identity card fee?

The chief executive officer of UTDB decides and reviews the identity card fee that is non-refundable (Rule 20). 

Documents required for identity card

2 recent color photographs of passport size (Rule 21)

Identity card is valid for five years (Rule 21). The card shall thereafter be renewed (Rule 23).

If the guide changes the employer, the existing card stands cancelled and the guide shall apply for a new card (Rule 23).

If the technical committee recommends, the board issues identity card in the format given in the Appendix G (Rule 21).


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