How to Register as Mountaineering/Trekking Porter in Himachal Pradesh

Today I will walk you through sections 4, 5, and 7 of the Himachal Pradesh Climbing / Trekking Porters (Regulation of Employment) Act, 1977. All three sections elaborate porter registration process.

Section 4 describes the following qualifications for the mountaineering  / trekking porters seeking registration:

  • Minimum Age: 18 years (Section 4-a)
  • Proof for Fitness for serving at high altitude: The porter shall pass the medical examination conducted by the medical practitioner referred by the competent authority (Section 4-b)
  • Approval of District Magistrate: District Magistrate of the climbing area concerned shall clear the application if the presence of the porter in the area is not against public interest. (Section 4-c)


The Section 5 describes the registration process for mountaineering/trekking porters.


Stage 1: The aspirant shall

  • Submit an application to the competent authority to get his name listed in the Register of Porters. The institute maintains the register. (Section 5-1).
  • Enclose prescribed fee. (Section 5-2)
  • Fill prescribed application form. (Section 5-2)


Stage 2: After receiving the application, the competent authority shall

  • Send the applicant to the selected medical practitioner to find out whether the aspirant is fit to work at the high altitude. (Section 5-3-a)
  • Verify credentials of the applicant. (Section 5-3-b)
  • Get nod of District Magistrate to ensure that s/he has no objection about the applicant serving as porter in the climbing area. (Section 5-3-b)

Stage 3: If the competent authority is satisfied with enquiries and verifications and finds the applicant fit, it shall

  • Initially register the applicant as a porter for 1 year. (Section 5-4 and Section 5-5)
  • Issue the certificate of registration in the name of the applicant. (Section 5-4)
  • Moreover, the institute shall not reject the application without recording a reason and giving an opportunity to the applicant to tell his/her side of the story. (Section 5-4)


Registration Renewal and Reissuing Certificate

  • The competent authority shall renew the certificate for one year at a time provided that the registered porter still meets the prescribed prerequisites and pay the prescribed registration renewal fee. (Section 5-5)
  • The certificate that was not renewed within 30 days of the expiry of the existing registration becomes invalid. (Section 5-6)
  • The porter may request for a duplicate copy of the certificate if the original document has been (Section 5-7)
    • Destroyed,
    • Lost, or
    • Mutilated.

However, the porter has to pay the prescribed fee for duplicate certificate. (Section 5-7)

Identity Card

  • The authority shall issue an identity card to the registered porters. (Section 7-1)
  • The porter shall always carry the identity card while on duty. S/he shall produce the card as and when authority demands. (Section 7-2)

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