Registration of Miscellaneous Adventure Activities’ Guides

The Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rules 3 and 4 (2016) elaborate on registration of miscellaneous adventure activities’ operators (MAAOs). The rules recommend that the operators shall have qualified miscellaneous adventure activities’ guides / instructors.

In this article, we will learn about (1) registration of the guides / instructors and (2) electronic application for MAAO registration.

Registration of MAA Guides / Instructors  (Rule 6-1)

The aspiring MAA guides or instructors shall register themselves with the prescribed authority.

The application shall include

  • Duly-filled in Form 2
  • Demand draft worth INR 2,000 (Fee) drawn in favor of the prescribed authority

Role of Prescribed Authority

The prescribed authority concerned shall issue the certificate of registration if

  • the aspirants satisfy all the prerequisites and standards
  • the Technical Committee approves the applications

The authority shall issue the certificate for three years from the date of issue.


Electronic Application for MAAO (Rule 6-2)

  • The prescribed authority shall allow electronic (email) applications for registration.
  • The authority shall acknowledge the receipt of the email application through emails.
  • For email applications, the authority shall collect the registration fee while issuing the certificate of registration in accordance with Rule 3.
  • If the email application meets all the prerequisites specified in the Act, the applicant shall be registered as a MAAO.


  1. My self khem singh from h.p. m done MOI from ABVMASS Manali and last 5 year m join different company . Where i m work as a instecter and guide

    • Hello Khem Singh,

      In which adventure activity did you specialize during MOI?

      Now-a-days, a number of adventure tour operators organize trekking, rafting, and other activities for masses. These operators recruit activity-specific guides. But still jobs are not many. You can contact these operators to know the current vacancies. For example, India Hikes organizes trekking trips regularly and hires trekking guides. You may contact them for current or future vacancies.

      Other organizations that you may contact for the latest vacancies:
      International Youth Club
      Youth Hostel Association of India
      Bangalore Mountaineering Club

      Occasionally, government run mountaineering institutes, including ABVIMASS, also hire instructors. Look for advertisements on their websites and / or national and local newspapers.

      Visit On this website, a number of trekkers post their requests for trekking guides. This is a free and popular website. You may find some clients on this website.

      We also search Internet for the latest adventure travel jobs and publish analysis of these jobs. Check our How to Earn Livelihood from Adventure Tourism page.

      Sometimes we also need reliable trekking guides. Would you like to work for us occasionally?

      Best of luck for job hunt!

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