Registration of Miscellaneous Adventure Activity Operator

Today you will learn about 3-stage process proposed for the registration of a miscellaneous adventure activity operator (MAAO) in the Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rule 3 (2016). Read on to learn it.

Rule 3-1: 3-Stage Application Process

Stage 1: An aspiring miscellaneous adventure activities operator shall take the following steps:

  • Fill Form-1 attached to these rules.
  • Get a demand draft of INR 2,000 in favor of the prescribed authority
  • Submit the duly filled in form and the demand draft to the prescribed authority between January 1 and March 15.

Stage 2: The prescribed authority shall

  • Examine the received forms based on the qualification criteria.
  • Submit these scrutinized forms of the qualified applicants to the Technical Committee.

Stage 3: The Technical Committee shall

  • Organize an annual meeting of the committee before April 15.
  • Decide date, time, and venue for (1) equipment and document inspection and (2) physical / practical tests of activity instructors or guides.
  • The applicants shall be given at least fifteen days’ notice for the inspection and tests.
  • Give final approval for MAAO registration.

Rule 3-3: Registration of Experienced Professionals Having Office in Himachal Pradesh

The guides, instructors, operators, or societies having (1) at least 24 months activity-specific experience and (2) an office in Himachal Pradesh shall register with the State Tourism Department as per the provisions of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development and Registration Act, 2002.

Rule 3-4: Validity of Certificate of Registration

If the Technical Committee approves an applicant, the prescribed authority shall issue a Certificate of Registration in the format specified in the Form-3.

The certificate shall be valid for 36 months from the date of issue. 

Rule 3-5: Non-registered persons not allowed to organize MAA

Only registered MAAOs are allowed to organize the activities. That means these operators comply with the rules and thereby approved by the Technical Committee.

Non-registered persons can neither organize MAAs directly nor indirectly.



  1. Pls can u tell us the formalities to obtain the license to get adventure activities… wherever have a first class certificate fro atal vihari institute of adventure manali…

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