How to Renew Commercial Paragliding Permit in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero sport Rule 6, 2017 The Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero sport Rule 6, 2017 describes the process of renewing a commercial paragliding permit.

Each permit holder / operator shall follow the procedure discussed in the Rule 4.1. So there is no difference between the first time permit procedure and the renewal procedure. (Rule 6.1)

However, there is one difference between the renewal and the first time permit procedures. After appraising the renewal applications, the district tourism development officer (D.T.D.O.) concerned has the discretion to seek recommendations from the technical committee. (Rule 6.2)

The permit shall be renewed for ten (10) years assessing the past performance of the operator(s). (Rule 6.2)



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