Responsibilities of Expedition Agent during Accidents

Welcome back. Today you will learn the fifteenth section of the Himachal Pradesh Climbing / Trekking Porters (Regulation of Employment) Act, 1977. By the end of this article, you will understand duties of an expedition agent / manager during accidents.

The agent / manager shall immediately provide detailed information on any accidents in or around the expedition area to the competent authority.

The following incidents shall be reported to the authority:

  • Serious injuries (Section 15-a)
  • Death (Section 15-a)
  • Broken gear, including chains and ropes used for transporting the materials or people. (Section 15-b)
  • Damage to means of conveyances and its parts, including cages and shafts that are used for transporting the materials or people. (Section 15-c)
  • Unexpected breakdown of gear, transportation means, etc. (Section 15-d)
  • Any other accidents (Section 15-e)

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