9 Responsibilities of Home Stay Owners Living in Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal Pradesh Home Stay Scheme 2008 lists a number of responsibilities of the local home stay owners. Some of these resembles to that of the commercial hotel owners and managers. The owners shall

1. Register home stay unit with Himachal Pradesh Department of Tourism.

2. Follow the Himachal Pradesh Home Stay Scheme in letter and spirit.

3. Maintain at least minimum standards prescribed for cleanliness, quality food, and sanitation. The owner shall not forget that the registration shall be cancelled in the following cases:

  • Malpractices
  • Misbehaviors
  • Overcharging tourists
  • Un-hygienic conditions
  • Non-compliance with the minimum standards

However, the owners shall be given enough opportunities to explain their situation. The power to cancel the registration rests with the concerned district tourism development officer (D.T.D.O.).  

4. Charge the guestroom rates approved by the department during registration process.

5. Apply for the guestroom tariff revision to the committee. The revision is allowed once in two years.

6. Maintain a guest / tourist register in the format followed by guest houses and hotels. The D.T.D.O. may inspect the register.

7. Maintain a bill book or home stay pad for bills. The bills issued to tourists shall have a valid stamp.

8. Display approved tariff card and registration certificate issued by the department within the home stay unit so that tourists can read these documents.

9. Submit a duly filled in Form C that has complete passport details of the foreign tourists to the nearest police station like hotels.

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