Sikkim Home Stay Owner (s): Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

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Sep-Oct 2016


The Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rule 5 defines responsibilities of and code of conduct for a Sikkim home stay owner (s). Let’s have a look at these.

Every home stay owner shall register the establishment with the Tourism and Civil Aviation department. (Rule 5.1)

The owner shall do the following:

(1) Maintain basic quality and infrastructure standards

(2) Follow the Code of Conduct

(3) Follow the guidelines

The owner will get a copy of code of conduct, guidelines, and standards during the Sikkim home stay registration application process. (Rule 5.2)

The owner shall sign and submit the undertaking that s/he will follow the terms and conditions and participate in the service provider training programs by the department and / or service providers. The undertaking is given in Annexure II of Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rules, 2013. (Rule 5.3)


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