Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rules: 6 Definitions

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Sep-Oct 2016


The Rule 2 defines the keywords used in the Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rules, 2013.

The Rule 2.1 features six keyword definitions.


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The word department refers to the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Government of Sikkim. (Rule 2.1.a)
What is a home stay?
A home stay is “any private house located in the rural / urban area where the house owner or his-her families are physically residing in the unit and earmarks some rooms exclusively for the use of tourists bearing certain basic minimum service standards and eligibility criteria as prescribed in this rule.” (Rule 2.1.b)
What is a home stay experience?
A home stay experience means an experience of personalized hospitality offered by a local family to a tourist. (Rule 2.1.b)
Who is prescribed authority?
Prescribed authority means two officers: (1) Secretary, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Government of Sikkim. (2) Or the officer (s) authorized by the Secretary. (Rule 2.1.c)
What is a rural area?
A rural area means an area located outside the jurisdiction of Nagar Panchayat, Nagar Parishad, and Municipal Corporation, three well earmarked local urban bodies. (Rule 2.1.d)
The term state government refers to the Government of Sikkim. (Rule 2.1.e)


The Rule 2.2 states that some expressions and words are defined in the Sikkim Registration of Tourist Trade Act 1998 but not in the rules. While interpreting these expressions and words in the context of the rules, meaning expressed in the act should be considered.

For example, the act defines the word tourist as a person or group of persons that visit Sikkim for a pilgrimage or other purposes. The person (s) may hail from India or foreign countries.


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