Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rule 1 (2015)

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Sep-Oct 2016


The Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rule 1 (2015) contains title and information about extent, commencement, and application appraisal authority.


The rules are called Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rules 2015. (Rule 1a)
The rules cover the entire State of Uttarakhand. (Rule 1b)
The Uttarakhand homestay rules come into force with immediate effect. (Rule 1c)

The rules do not apply to other types of accommodations, including (Rule 1d)

guest houses,
motels, and

Prescribed authority means district tourism development officer or regional tourism officer. (Rule 1e)


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