How to work as kayaker and river guide in Uttarakhand

Do you want to earn your livelihood by serving as a kayaker and river guide in Uttarakhand?


Prepare for the 2-stage test taken by the Technical Committee as per the Rule 12 of the Uttarakhand River Rafting / Kayaking Rules 2014.

To start preparation, you should know what is going to happen in the test. Isn’t it?

To increase your chances of passing the test and joining the brigade of professional guides, we spill the beans.

Your test performance is measured against the following parameters:

Stage 1: 5-minute viva voce

The viva appraises 6 traits of the prospective guides:

  1. Behavior
  2. Briefing skills
  3. Personality
  4. River signals
  5. Safety and rescue knowledge
  6. Technical skills

Stage 2: Physical test of about 60 minutes

Physical test includes the following activities:

  • Swimming with a helmet and life jacket
  • Flipping and re-flipping raft
  • Rapid running
  • Under water raft crossing from front to back and left to right and self-rescue
  • Throwing rescue bag up to 30 feet: over, side, and under throws
  • Keeping the rope in the rescue bag

River-specific test to judge the river knowledge including

  • Rapid crossing
  • River reading
  • River running log book
  • Safety and rescue techniques
  • Water science

The 30-minute test covers five to seven kilometers of the river. If you have applied for more than one river, multiple river-specific test time with number of rivers to estimate the total time.

Test result

If the prospective guide passes the viva voce, s/he allowed to undertake the physical test.

To qualify as a guide, each prospective should pass both the tests.


Now you know about the assessment process. Train and practice hard and get through the test to become the guide.

Best of Luck!

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