What does ATOAI do?

Adventure Tour Operators’ Association of India (ATOAI  http://www.atoai.org/), was set up in 1994, is an ambitious representative of the Indian adventure tourism trade. The association works towards two tall aims: making India the largest and the best adventure tourism destination in the world and using adventure tourism as a tool to make India an all season destination.

The association

  • Develops and promotes adventure tourism.
  • Creates awareness about the Indian adventure destinations in foreign countries.
  • Organizes courses, cultural meetings, group discussions, and seminars for adventure tourism promotion.
  • Takes necessary measures for well-being of adventure tourism trade partners. It provides a platform for interactions among various stakeholders of the segment.
  • Creates equal opportunities for all adventure tourists and travelers irrespective of color, creed, nationality, and race.
  • Defines and maintains high segment-specific ethical standards.
  • Initiates welfare schemes that individual members cannot afford on their own.
  • Represents the segment at various Indian and international platforms, including events hosted by tourism departments, public bodies, government committees and departments, foreign corporations, local associations, and companies.
  • Institutes fellowships and chairs in India.
  • Promotes goodwill, international welfare, and national integration.

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