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How was the study region selected and why?

The Everest region was selected for the study due to the following reasons:

  1. Popularity of the Mount Everest
  2. Author’s personal liking for the Himalaya, experience of trekking in the region and academic background in ATT management
  3. Unavailability of similar kind of research work: not much research work focusing on the HATT segment is available on the web.
  4. There is no denying that the Himalaya is an unparalleled destination for both new and old breed of adventure seekers because of challenges the mountain offer to all types of travelers.
  5. There is a need to create a comprehensive information source to tap full potential of the HATT market.


How were ATP suppliers selected?

“The Off” selected forty-five (45) ATP suppliers, based in Nepal and other countries, from the following three sources:


Which ATPs were selected? Why were these ATPs selected?

A list of 221 “Everest” named ATPs, offered by forty-five (45) ATCs, was prepared (Appendix: I). These ATPs were selected because of the following reasons:

  • Loftiness of Everest is mesmerizing.
  • Probably every adventure seeker wishes to conquer the Mount Everest.
  • Since it is the most talked about mountain, data was easily available on the web.


From where was data collected? What is the time period to which data collection relates? 

ATP data was collected from the websites of forty-five (45) ATCs selected from the above sources during April-July 2011. Most of the 2011 ATP prices were quoted in USD (US$) on the respective suppliers’ websites. However, in case of a few companies, the price was in pound sterling (£) or Australian dollars (A$). This data was converted into USD using foreign exchange rate mentioned at  (1£ = US$ 1.62911, 1A$ = US$ 1.0517) for comparability.

Shortage of resources at the disposal of “The Off’ limited the sample size to just 45 well-established ATCs and data collection from the companies’ websites only.


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