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As craze for adventure travel is growing, more number of entrepreneurs are joining the online niche travel information and package segment. Today we are comparing two hiking publishers from India and the Netherlands: Indiahikes and Hikable. Indiahikes is more than five years old, whereas Hikable is a new digital hiking guidebook publisher. Although they are passionate about the same activity, both are unique in some ways. This comparison offers useful market and competitive intelligence required to find new opportunities  in growing adventure tourism segment and market the business.


Hikable vs Indiahikes





Focus The website features description of the best hiking trails meandering through different parts of the world. The website provides detailed information about trekking in India.
Type Digital hiking guidebook publisher Trekking community
Product Digital hiking guidebooks Free trekking information and trekking guides
Guidebook Formats PDF download, printable, online, and / or offline Online, PDF download
Login Required to download the guidebooks.Not required to read the guidebook online. Not required always to download PDFNot required for online reading and browsing
Guidebook Cost Initially free Free
App Being designed No
Language English English
Photographs Yes Yes. Some audios and videos
Hike Map Yes. Professional maps Yes. Basic sketches.
Contact Details of Service Providers No Yes
Source of Content The guidebooks are compiled and written by people trusted by the website owners. The information is collected from the field and during interviewing people who have trekked the trails.
Editable Not Members can edit the content.
Organize Treks No Yes. The website organizes treks and expeditions to raise funds for the project.
Founder / Owner Jan Douwe Kooistra (The Netherlands) and Timo van Leeuwen (The Netherlands) Arjun Majumdar (India) and Sandhya UC (India)
Blog   http://blog.hikable.com/ http://indiahikes.in/blog/indiahikes-stories/
Current Version Beta Final
Website http://hikable.com/ http://indiahikes.in/
Twitter @hikable @indiahikes
Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/indiahikes
Beta Launch / Launch June 2014 November 2009
Start Date / Domain Name Created January 2013 October 2008




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