How to Dress up for Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing, a demanding activity, has a dress code for comfort and safety of the climbers. So, for happy and safe climbing read on:

Clothes should neither be restrictive nor be too baggy that may catch on the rock and get ripped or inhibit your body movements. Long stretchable shorts or pants will protect shins and knees against scrapes if you bump into the rock, and pelvis area against friction caused owing to harness. Clothes selected should ensure full range of body movements. Breathable, comfortable, durable, flexible and functional clothing is the best bet, but do take into account weather of the rock climbing area. Another important aspect is fabric ability to wick away perspiration and keep your body dry. Specially designed rock climbing shoes or snuggly fit shoes with good grip are recommended. Tie hairs, especially long hairs, neatly because your hands would not be free during a climb to clear them from your face. Wear a helmet to avoid head injuries.

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