How to Get Paid Leave for Mountaineering, Trekking…

Both central government and a number of state governments offer incentives to their employees for participating in adventure activities, including mountaineering and trekking. The incentives include reimbursement of the expenses incurred on the activity and / or special casual leave (S.C.L.).

Not all employers grant the leave for all adventure activities. Some employers grant leave for just one activity, while others grant for multiple activities. Some specify which activities are not eligible for the leave, whereas others do not.

Central government provides both financial incentive and the leave. The state governments generally only grant the leave.

All these employers have leave circulars defining the rules governing the S.C.L.

If you are working in any of these government offices, take the following steps to avail the incentives:

Step 1

Carefully browse the leave circular issued by your employer. If you do not have access to this circular, consult your human resource management department, personnel department, or administration department. With the help of the department find the circular and peruse.

Step 2

When you find the circular do as mentioned in it. Most of the employers want a certificate of completion of the adventure trip. So do collect the certificate before leaving the adventure camp.

Check the circular for the following:

  • Eligible adventure activities
  • Quantum of S.C.L. prescribed for these activities
  • Number of times S.C.L. in a year and entire service period
  • Eligibility criteria: Are only meritorious employees or all personnel eligible for the S.C.L. for adventure activities?
  • Approved adventure travel service providers

Step 3

Keep an eye on the latest adventure travel trips organized by the government approved adventure travel service providers. Some of these trips are always eligible for the S.C.L. These promotional brochures, circulars, or notices also mention the circulars related to S.C.L. and any other incentives.


Indian Mountaineering Foundation approved 20-day Adi Kailash and OM Parvat Yatra / Trekking in 2014. The participants of this pilgrimage trek organized by Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd. (Uttarakhand Tourism) were eligible for the S.C.L.

What is special casual leave?

An opportunity to remain absent from the duty for special purposes. But do remember, all employers do not follow the same set of rules.

I would love to hear from the readers whose employers prescribed norms different from those enumerated above.

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