A Chance to Photograph Ladakh and Earn

Tourism and Culture Department of Union Territory of Ladakh is looking for professional photographers for comprehensive high quality visual documentation of various tourism events, monuments, projects, and sites. The department would use the documentation for online and offline publications.

The empanelled photographers would provide on-call photography services to the department. The job may involve traveling in Ladakh but the department would bear all travel expenses.

The prospects shall satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • Extensive experience of professional photography with SLR camera
  • A digital or print portfolio of work
  • Application on photographer’s letterhead featuring website address, email, fax and phone number, and office address
  • Furnish certificates / documents highlighting photography services provided in the last three years
  • Own professional photography equipment for capturing, recording, and processing the photos. 
  • Follow copyright rules and regulations of the department. 
  • Agree not to share the documentation submitted to the department with other entities.

Last date to apply: February 10, 2020

What Does the Job Advertisement Reveal? 6 Insights into Adventure Tourism Career:

1. Type of Job

On-call professional photographer

2. Number of Vacancies

The number is not quantified but a panel of photographers would be selected.

3. Nature of Vacancies

Selected candidates would work as and when required by the department.

4. Payment / Salary Situation

Price Bid: Each shortlisted prospect would bid for service price. 

The department would bear all travel expenses (if any) of the selected photographers.

Application Deadline and Process

The department gave twenty days for application submission.

  • Evaluation committee would pick applications matching eligibility criteria from all applications received.
  • Each eligible prospect would make a presentation on professional credentials and innovative documentation of tourism products before the committee on a pre-decided date.
  • The shortlisted candidates would attend a pre-bid conference and then bid for the services.

Job Publications

The advertisement appeared on the website of the Union Territory.



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