ABVIMAS Hires Visiting Mountaineering Instructors and Trekking Guides

In the second week of April, 2017, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports (ABVIMAS), Manali advertised forty (40) temporary positions for Visiting Mountaineering Instructors and Visiting Trekking Guides. The selected candidates would work in two periods: May-July, 2017 and September-October, 2017.

The institute said in the advertisement that the number of positions may go up or down. This is an opportunity for trekking and mountaineering skill upgradation.

Thumbs up for this recruitment drive! Because the institute is not hiring Tom, Dick, or Harry. It is hiring professional mountaineers with job specific skills.

Last date to apply: April 24, 2017


What Does the Job Advertisement Reveal? 6 Insights into Adventure Tourism Career:

Type of Job(s) 

 Number and Nature of Vacancies

  • Visiting (Temporary) Mountaineering Instructors (Post Code 01):  30 positions
  • Visiting (Temporary) Trekking Guides (Post Code 02): 10 positions

Payment / Salary Situation 

  • Daily salary and perks are clearly spelt out in the advertisement. The mountaineering instructors get 57% more salary than the trekking guides. However, both are entitled to free boarding and lodging.
  • Visiting Mountaineering Instructors (Post Code 01):  INR 380 per day and free boarding and lodging
  • Visiting Trekking Guides (Post Code 02): INR 242 per day and free boarding and lodging
  • So, a mountaineering instructor who is lucky to get 30 days’ work in a month can earn INR 11,400. On the other hand, a trekking guide working for 30 days gets INR 7,620.

Application Deadline and Process 

  • The aspirants had 14 days to apply for the job.
  • The application form was available at the ABVIMAS office and on its website.
  • The institute was looking for candidates from a wide age group, 18-45 years. So competition must have been high. Merit was the sole criterion for recruitment according to the advertisement published in newspaper.
  • A wide gap between essential qualifications for both the positions justifies 57% more salary for mountaineering instructors.

Mountaineering Instructor Wage and Trekking Guide Wages in Himachal Pradesh

Here is a comparison of qualifications for the positions:


Visiting Mountaineering Instructors
Visiting Trekking Guides
Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent from a recognized university / board
Matric or its equivalent from a recognized board

Mountaineering Education
Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC)Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC)

Methods of Instruction-Mountaineering (MOI)


Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC)

Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC)


From a recognized institute

Mountaineering Experience
Experienced mountaineerAt least completed 2 major expeditions at an altitude of 19,500 feet / 5,900 meters

Mountaineering Teaching Experience
Worked as mountaineering instructor in recognized government institute for 2 years

Knowledge about Himachal Pradesh
Well versed in Himachal Pradesh dialects, customs, and mannersFit to work in local conditions
Well versed in Himachal Pradesh dialects, customs, and manners

Fit to work in local conditions

Trekking Guide Experience
Worked as trekking guide in a recognized institute for 2 years

Job Publications

The advertisement appeared

  • in the newspaper
  • on the website of ABVIMAS


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