An Active Job that May Take You to Hills and Mountains Every Week

If you are looking for a profession that gives you loads of opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle, Bangalore Mountaineering Club Pvt. Ltd. (BMC), more than a decade old Bangalore based adventure club, is looking for you.

The club is expanding its business across India and hiring

  • Operations Manager
  • Sales Executives
  • Adventure Instructors


What Does Today’s Job Advertisement Reveal? 5 Insights into Adventure Tourism Career:


Number of Vacancies

Three (3)

Small number of vacancies indicate high competition among prospective candidates.

Qualification Quality

The club also advertised for the post of adventure instructor / trek leader in August 2015. According to the advertisement, mountaineering course was a preferred qualification for the post. But the latest advertisement for the instructors states that technical qualifications in mountaineering are mandatory. It is good.

However, an adventure travel club prefers MBAs for operational and sales departments. There is no mention of a degree in adventure travel management or travel tourism management. Then why do colleges and universities run professional courses in travel and tourism?

Salary Situation

The latest advertisement on the club’s Facebook page does not quote salary. However, job ad on shows an annual salary range (INR 250,000 – 350,000) for the post of the manager.

The Facebook page ad asks the candidates to define their salary expectations in the application. This indicates that the club would hire the qualified candidates who are ready to work for the lowest salary. It is not good because jobs in adventure tourism are not only technical in nature but also physically and mentally demanding.

Another way to look at it is that the salary would depend on negotiation skills of the prospective candidates and the number of suitable candidates.

A good thing about the advertisement is that the club mentioned two benefits in addition to the salary: Insurance and Incentives. However, benefits have not been quantified.

Interestingly, in the August advertisement for the instructor’s post, monthly salary (INR 10,000-12,000) was clearly mentioned.


Application Deadline

Last date for application is not mentioned.


Job Publications

The vacancies were published on different websites:

August 2015:

  • Advertised on club’s website that has a dedicated job page

October 2015:

  • Not advertised on the club’s job page.
  • Advertised on Facebook page of the club.
  • Advertised on, a recruitment portal by Hindustan Times (HT) Media Limited

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