Be an Adventure Tourism Instructor, Manager, or Writer

 Adventure travel jobs


  1. Adventure Department Manager, Asia Travel (Qatar)
  2. Café Manager, The Castle Climbing Centre (U.K.)
  3. Climbing Wall Care Taker cum Instructor, Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (India)
  4. Communications Manager, The Wilderness Society (U.S.A.)
  5. Copy Writer / Content Writer, Himalayan Glacier Trekking (Nepal)
  6. Corresponding Officer, Mountain Nepal (Nepal)
  7. Development Associate, The Mountaineers (U.S.A.)
  8. Experienced Adventure Guide, Arctic Range Adventure (Canada)
  9. Full-time Staff, Leader Treks (U.S.A.)
  10. Full-Time Wilderness Therapist, New Vision Wilderness LLC (U.S.A.)
  11. Instructors and Duty Managers, Rock Over Climbing (U.K.)
  12. Operations Coordinator, Adventure Life (U.S.A.)
  13. Photographers and Volunteers, Max Adventure (U.K.)
  14. Regional Programme Manager, Himalayan University Consortium (Nepal)
  15. Secretariat Officer, Nepal Mountaineering Association (Nepal)
  16. Staff, Peterpans Adventure Travel (Australia)
  17. Summer Camp Director, The Mountaineers (U.S.A.)
  18. Summer Camp Program Coordinator, The Mountaineers (U.S.A.)
  19. Summer Camp Program Lead Staff, The Mountaineers (U.S.A.)
  20. Tour Officer, Great Escape Tours N Travels (Nepal)
  21. Tourism Specialist, The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (Nepal)
  22. Volunteer Apprentices, the Castle Climbing Centre (U.K.)





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