Mountain Trek Leaders, 9 Must Have Qualifications

India Hikes (IH) hires mountain trek leaders. Interestingly, the job advertisement clearly says that the leadership can be learned. This is good and encouraging.

So, are you ready or ready to learn the adventure travel leadership?


You should have the following 9 profession-specific qualifications:

  1. At least 2 years’ experience of high altitude trekking i.e. trekking beyond 14,000 feet. Or, Basic Mountaineering Course certificate from a well-established institute
  2. Fluency in English and Hindi
  3. Graduation
  4. Work experience in any other industry is also preferred.
  5. At least 25 years old
  6. The applicants shall be actively looking after and improving their fitness level. Body Mass Index (BMI) must range from 18.5 to 24.9.
  7. Willingness to complete Basic Life Support (BLS) certification from a reputed hospital.
  8. Willingness to undergo a month long Assistant Trek Leader Training (ATLT) organized by the company
  9. Willingness to serve as Provisional Trek Leader for 4-6 months. 

The paid ATLT focuses on the following:

  • Leadership skills
  • Safety techniques
  • Climbing technology
  • Operational skills

The applicants receive a weekly stipend during the training and a monthly stipend while serving as provisional trek leaders. If the applicants learn and perform well during these seven months, they may be considered for the position of trek leader.


  • Trek leaders stay away from home and friends for long.
  • Neither drinking nor smoking is allowed.


Last date to apply: Not mentioned in the advertisement


What Does the Job Advertisement Reveal? 6 Insights into Adventure Tourism Career:

This elaborate advertisement reveals many aspects of the demanding job and the employer’s understanding of the profession. The adventure travel tourism employer is not secretive about salary. The employer is ready to train the right people and pay them handsomely during the training. IH wants profession-specific field experience and technical education certificates but not the profession-specific academic qualifications, like adventure tourism certificate or degree.


Stipend / Salary of Mountain Trek Leaders

1. Type of Job

  • Administrative
  • Managerial

2. Number of Vacancies

Not mentioned in the advertisement

However, the job advertisement title implies more than one vacancy.

3. Nature of Vacancies

Full Time 

4. Payment / Salary Situation

  • Weekly Stipend during ATLT: INR 2,500 (10,000 per month)
  • Monthly Stipend for Provisional Trek Leaders: INR 25,000
  • Annual Salary of Trek Leaders: INR 360,000 to 580,000 (30,000 to 48,333 per month)

 5. Application Deadline and Process

Not mentioned in the advertisement

Selection process is described clearly in the advertisement. 

6. Job Publications

The advertisement appeared on the

  • IH’s Website:
  • IH’s Social Media Page:  Linkedin
  • Private Online Job Board: TimesJob

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