Promote Walking in Ireland

Walking is a natural activity whose importance we have forgotten. Mechanized transport has become the mainstay of our  very short and long travels. We are following a sedentary lifestyle and succumbing to its flaws, including health issues.  So some people have re-realized significance of the activity. For instance, Ireland launched Get Ireland Walking (GIW) Initiative in 2013.

If you are one of those who believe in walking, join the initiative to re-inculcate the habit.

The Irish Sports Council is looking for a programme manager for its Get Ireland Walking Initiative.

The initiative promoted walking in 2-year pilot phase, creating walking culture in Ireland. To build on the success of the phase, the council wants to expand its initiative.

The Dublin-based manager will work with the head of Mountaineering Ireland to create awareness, encourage, and promote walking at three levels: local, regional, and national.

Do you value walking?

Apply by September 14, 2015.

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