Travel Writers: 3 Qualifications for Becoming Adventure Travel Content Managers

Bangalore based Trekasur is looking for full time adventure travel content managers / writers. The company advertised for both novice and experienced writers.

The applicants shall have the following 3 qualifications:

1. Command of English – Good command of the English language is desired. The applicants with article writing and proofreading skills are preferred.

2.  Any Graduation – All graduates are eligible for the job.

3. No / Short Experience – The applicants may have up to 3 years’ experience as a content manager / writer or may not have any experience at all. 

Last date to apply: Not mentioned in the advertisement

What Does the Job Advertisement Reveal? 6 Insights into Adventure Tourism Career:

Since specialized knowledge of adventure tourism is not required, competition will be high. Is it fair to appoint general candidates for a specialized field?

Unfortunately, this is another incomplete advertisement about adventure travel writing vacancies.

1. Type of Job

Adventure Travel Documentation – Writing and Editing

However, it is not clear from the advertisement whether documentation requires field visits or not. So probably, it is a desk job done indoors. Check with the advertiser. 

2. Number of Vacancies

Number is not directly mentioned in the advertisement. But the title of the advertisement indicates more than one vacancy.

3. Nature of Vacancies

Full Time 

4. Payment / Salary Situation

Not mentioned in the advertisement 

5. Application Deadline and Process

Not mentioned in the advertisement 

6. Job Publications

The advertisement appeared on the

  • Company’s Website:
  • Private Paid Job Board:

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